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Forex Achronyms

SS = Shooting Star
HH = Higher High
LL = Lower Low
MA = Moving Average
FIB = Fibbonacci Retracement
PB = Price Bar
DHLC = Double High Lower Close
DLHC = Double Low Higher Close
DSRI = Dynamic Support & Resistance Indicator
S/R = Support & Resistance
PA = Price Action
PASR = Price Action Support & Resistance
TL = Trend Line
BO = Break Out
RET = Retrace
Cable = GBP/USD
Fiber = EUR/USD
Kiwi = NZD/USD
PPZ = Price Pivot Zone
D1 = Daily Chart
W1 = Weekly Chart
M1 = Monthly chart
MT4 = MetaTrader 4
IB = Inside Bar
H&S = Head & Shoulders price pattern
FF = Forex Factory
Cheese = Swiss Franc
TF = Time Frame
BE = Break Even
BEEB = Bearish Engulfing Bar
BEOB = Bearish Outside Bar
BUEB = Bullish Engulfing Bar
BUOB = Bullish Outside Bar
SL = Stop Loss
TS = Trailing Stoploss
TP = Take Profit
EWT = Elliott Wave Theory
NFP = Non Farm Payrolls (Economic new released on the first Friday of each month)
OHLC = Open High Low Close
MM = Market Maker
P&L = Profit and Loss
RR = Risk Reward
ROI = Return On Investment
BOJ = Bank Of Japan
BOC = Bank Of Canada
BOE = Bank Of England
SNB = Swiss National Bank
FED = Federal Reserve (Central Banking System Of The United States)
RBA = Reserve Bank Of Australia
BNZ = Bank of New Zealand
Loonie = Slang for the Canadian dollar
USDX = US dollar Index
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
ATM = Almost 100% certain trade - like going to the hole in the wall to get cash